Water Filter



The water filter is very powerful and efficient at an ultralight weight of only 58 g It can be used to drink while hiking or camping directly from rivers, lakes and other fresh water sources. He can filter up to 100.000 L. The hollow fiber membrane removes > 99.9999 % bacteria (E. coli), 99.9 % parasites and protozoa (Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium). The filter is easy to backwash and has a transparent control window and a monthly usage indicator. The versatility of the filter allows universal applications. This ensures easy access to clean and safe drinking water even under the toughest conditions.

- ultra light (58 g) 
- very versatile 
- with control window 
- backflushable

Filter performance approximately 100.000 L
Weight 128 g
Materials: ABS, silicone, UF (medical grade)
Capacity 1 litre / min at 1.5 bar pressure
Pore size 0.1 micron
Ø 38,5 x 145 mm
1 water filter
1 water bag
1 drinking straw
Please follow the instructions!


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Water Filter

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