Tripod Grill 'Mammoth'


The robust and massive tripod grill should not be missing in the outdoor kitchen. A grill grate, rack pot, Dutch oven or similar can be safely and easily hung on the hook of the tripod grill. The height-adjustable chain with hook makes cooking on an open fire particularly easy and gentle. The stable and adjustable feet ensure that the grill stands securely even on uneven floors. The additional plates attached to the toes protect the grill from sinking into soft ground. The tripod grill is equipped with an extra removable folding arm for grill tongs or cooking utensils. The tripod grill is quick to set up and can be stowed away to save space.

- removable folding arm for cooking utensils 
- height-adjustable chain and hook 
- stable and adjustable feet 
- secure stand 
- compact pack size

Carbonstahl verzinkt
Weight 6.125 g
Pack size Ø 15 x 90 cm
Assembled Ø 100 x 153 cm

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Tripod Grill 'Mammoth'

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