Gorilla Cage II


Carrying stuff, catching memories on your adventure, bikepacking and touring.

Bivouac Sack, Sleeping Bag/ Pad, Inflatable Pillow, Jacket, Towel, Dry Bag and etc.

Time for having fun. Let’s roll the stuff into gorilla cage and mount it with gorilla clip or directly use cage on standard three-boss mounts.

The Gorilla cage is a detachable cage that can carry just about anything light and bulky. One holder to carry your light weight tent, sleeping mat, cooking system. Whatever you can think of that fits? It quickly attaches or detaches to your bicycle so it’s easy to take with you when you stop. It can be attached with either 2 or 3 cleats. It can be used for bike packing, adventure cycling, touring, trekking or what ever you want. Don’t have braze on bottle bosses? Then a gorilla clip will do the trick so you can mount your gorilla cage on your forks or just about anywhere on your bicycle. As always if you have other bicycles, you can simply transfer your gorilla cage between them all. It’s simple and easy, monkii mono and monkii V wedge frame bags and monkii cages are all fit the same monkii cleats and monkii clip. Made of strong flexiable material that will take hot and cold conditions and won't snap if you bike fall over. Don't have any bottle eyelets? Not a problem. The universal contact shape of the Gorilla Cage allows it to be attached to most forks and frames using cable-ites and rubber pads.

Material: Polyamide, strong and flexible

Fixing: 2 or 3 monkii cleats (supplied)

Detachable: Only monkii cleats remain on frame

Colour: Black
Weight: +- 128 g/ 0.28lb

Size: 23 x 7.5 x 13.1 cm

Manufacture maximum load: 2.5 kg /5.5 lb

Manufacturers max fastening diameter: 16 cm / 0.52 ft
Maximum permissible torque: 3 Nm

Material of gorilla cage: PA

Material of Cleats: POM

In the box

-1 gorilla cage II
- 3 Cleats
- 3 Velcro Straps
- 3 screws

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Gorilla Cage II

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