DRAKA Pine Amber



DRAKA can become the ultimate solution for all your upcoming hammock adventures. It has what it takes for a perfect camping night – it’s lightweight yet spacious, has a complete suspension system, a shelf for small items, outstanding ergonomics, and it’s fully manufactured in Poland.

Its most distinctive feature is the fully integrated bug net with dedicated zippers designed by us. It offers several unique advantages:

  • dual-sided zippers for zipping both from inside and outside;
  • non-locking sliders for unzipping using only one hand;
  • increased durability;
  • handy silicon zipper endings in light color that are easier to be found in the dark;
  • very high net density providing protection against the smallest of insects;

The bug net is fully removable. If it’s not needed, you can take it off in just 30 seconds and store neatly and safely in the attached stuff sack.

What is more, the bug net in DRAKA doesn’t require any additional guylines or a separate suspension system to work properly. Thanks to its construction, it’s always kept in the right position. The flexible netting simply adjusts itself to how you lay in the hammock.

DRAKA is a synonym for outdoor comfort. Each part of it is designed to improve it:

Length has been increased to 330 cm which is 22% more than in regular hammocks. Even if you are 210 cm tall, you will feel comfortable in DRAKA. Also, the symmetry of the hammock gives you an ability to choose which side and direction is most comfortable for you.

The hammock is made of military-grade ripstop nylon that is durable, resistant, withstanding several hundred kilograms of loads, and yet very lightweight and fully breathable.

We believe that products should be sold ready-to-use and complete, and that is why our hammocks already come with the suspension. With DRAKA, we add our full SMUK Suspension System:

  • 2 x “tree huggers” (webbing straps) preventing damage to trees and providing firm grip
  • 2 x ultralight carabiners
  • 2 x whoopie slings made from Dyneema fibers that are stronger than steel
  • ridgeline

To ensure full comfort and usability, we include the following accessories together with DRAKA:

  • 5-pocket ridgeline organizer for storing handy camping gear. It will also fit your down jacket, waist bag or other pack accessories.
  • 3 stuff sacks: one for the bug net, one for the webbings, and the largest one for the whole set.

DRAKA comes additionally with four side guylines tied with elastic cords. They are meant to make the hammock more spacious, and provide easier access to the sleeping bag or organizing the interior. It will also help you to spot small items left inside the hammock.

Sleeping room dimensions

330 × 150 cm

Total weight

760 g

Max. load

250 kg


Body: breathable ripstop nylonMoskitiera: gÁ„â„¢sta siatka poliestrowaTaÁ…›my: poliestroweLinki zawieszenia: Dyneema (polietylen)Karabinki: aluminium

Set includes:

Hammock, mosquito net, suspension system (2x treehuggers, 2x slings, 2x carabiners, 1x ridgeline), organiser, 3x stuff sacks (for treehuggers, for the complete setup, for mosquito net only), 2x side pullouts

Packed size

35 × 13 × 13 cm – uncompressed, oversized stuff bag

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DRAKA Pine Amber

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