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The Fuera Smock is ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities in changeable conditions

If you enjoy walking, cycling, climbing or backpacking, there are days when breathability and windproofing is more important than total waterproofing. Such activities also often require a tough, durable garment which will survive being worn on scree or rock and being squashed in a pack.

The Fuera Smock’s simple but effective design combines with robust Nikwax Windproof fabric for excellent comfort and protection, including head protection, in changeable conditions.

The Fuera Smock offers a fully adjustable hood, a useful front pocket and a full range of movement

  • Head protection without disruption to vision provided by a fully adjustable hood with a wired peak.
  • Hand warming or easy access to a map or guide book from dual access secure chest pocket.
  • Weather protection and full movement during a wide range of activities provided by short front, scooped tail and fully articulated shoulder and sleeve design.

Nikwax® Windproof cuts windchill and protects your insulation but still provides excellent moisture vapour transfer,

Nikwax Windproof Fabricallowing perspiration to escape. The fabric is light but very durable and UV resistant, so providing excellent protection in all environments. It also deflects rain thanks to a Nikwax waterproofing treatment. It can be worn alone, or combined with Nikwax Fleece to create a fully directional waterproof system, equivalent to an Analogy waterproof.

Choose a Fuera Smock because of its versatility …

The Fuera Smock combines the Nikwax Windproof’s durability, breathability and wind/ shower protection with a practical design. The fully adjustable hood enhances the protection it gives. The generous front pocket allows quick access to a guide or map.

So expect a very packable and durable windproof and water-repellent layer with hi-spec features that is ideal for changeable conditions as it can hold off a shower and is highly breathable, but offers less insulation than an Analogy waterproof.

How will my Páramo Windproof outperform other windproofs?

Your Páramo windproof offers more versatility. Firstly because it is water-repellent and has a fully adjustable hood, it provides a good level of protection when worn as an outer layer, while offering exceptional breathability. Secondly, because in the worst conditions it can be worn over a Páramo Fleece to provide a higher level of weather protection. Therefore, it can adapt easily to a very wide range of conditions.

Páramo windproofs are extremely tough and durable, so suitable to be used in many different environments without damage.

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