Fixplus is the new and innovative strap for securing, bundling and fastening objects. Fixplus can be easily handled, even with one hand.
Fixplus features:

  • Lightweight
  • Tear resistant up to 90kg
  • UV resistant TPU
  • Cold resitant
  • Resistant to salt water


Fixplus can be used for the fastening of all kinds of gear. For example:

Sport and leisure; Hiking, Camping, Travelling, Skating, Mountain climbing, Biking, Athletics, Field sports, Shooting, Hunting, Fishing and Skiing

Maintenance; Painting, Scaffolding, Stand buidling, Electronic and cable works, Buidling, Wood work and Transport

House and garden; Hoses, High water pressure, Indoor and outdoor construction works,  Roof works, Swiming pools and tubes, Storing and much much more.

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Artikel 1 tot 3 (van de 3 artikelen). Resultaat:1